About 2% of men worldwide suffer from erection problems, or male impotence. Although male impotence can be a sign of something deeper, it is still a concern for those who have it. Why is male impotence so important? Erection problems can cause a loss of self-esteem. It can also impact relationships with family, friends, and most of your bed partners. What causes male impotence or erection problems? Erectile dysfunction (or erection problems) can be caused by emotional or physical issues. Psychological (emotional) causes: About 30% of men with impotence have psychological reasons. A man’s ability for a hard erection can be affected by stress, depression, and loss of self-worth.

Psycological Factors

These aren’t the only psychological factors, but they are the most common. 70% of men who experience serious impotence have a physical (physiological) cause. These include vascular diseases (hardening the arteries), unsuitable prescribed drugs, and fatigue. Your blood will have a difficult time getting to the penis chambers if you have these conditions. It won’t stay there for long enough or in sufficient quantity to cause a hard, painful erection. Erection problems in men can be either temporary or long-lasting. It doesn’t matter what the cause, male impotence is a serious problem. It can be prevented with many options for male impotence treatment. These include both medical and non-medical options.


What are some ways to treat impotence and erection problems

  • Prescription medication is a common treatment. This can be either an oral medication or an injection (into your penis). Viagra has helped many men to overcome male impotence, but it can also cause dizziness and rapid heart beat. Viagra can also be incompatible with certain medications. Precription drugs should be taken at least an hour before the sex act.
  • Surgery is an option for impotence, but it should be used only as a last resort. It is risky and costly. Prosthetic implants are used to correct male impotence. This is a pump that is inserted into the genital region and the user would need to pump it before sex. Surgery usually requires a long recovery period.
  • Therapy – can be very effective in cases of male impotence that is psychologically caused. It is not as effective in physical cases. Therapy is usually done by a registered sex therapist, or a mental healthcare professional. Although it can be very effective, sex therapy can be quite lengthy. This is because most men are embarrassed to discuss their erection problems.
  • Penis pumps – These can also be used for erection problems. You can induce erection by inserting the penis in a tube and using a pump. A ring is placed on the penis’ base to prevent erection from happening. Although the pump works, it is cumbersome and must always be used before sex. This temporary solution does not address the true problem of male impotence.
  • Herbal erection pills – This is the best and most convenient method to get erection. These pills are made from herbs and plants chosen for their aphrodisiac qualities. These herbs and plants have been used for centuries to treat male sexual problems. Herbal erection pills are effective and do not have the same side effects as prescription drugs. You can stop taking them at your own discretion without any consequences. The best thing about herbal erection pills is that they address both the psychological and physical factors of male impotence. This is because they increase your sexual desire which can have a positive effect on your self-esteem.
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Dimensiunea penisului

“Is it in?” is the worst thing a man can hear during sex. This question will destroy a man’s spirit, and it is why men will risk their lives to stop it from being rehearsed in their ears. Despite the fact that 70% of women don’t like their partner’s penis size, it is still a reason to complain about sexual performance. Although there are many factors that can affect erection or performance, having a small penis can be like living with nightmares. If you’re still hoping to “get lucky” using male enhancement products, it is worth considering some of these factors. Every sexual problem has its causes.

Erectile dysfunction could be caused by smoking. Nicotine, which is a vasoconstrictor, tightens blood vessels and affects blood flow. A better blood flow is essential for erection, which is why 40% of impotent men are smokers. Erectile dysfunction may also be caused by smoking, stress, alcoholism and prostate surgery. Erectile dysfunction was also diagnosed in Australia in 3.9% of diabetic males who used diabetes services.

Știați că?

These reasons are why America’s impotent men number 30 million (11.03%). It is also sad that 617,715 new cases are reported each year. As long as the causes are known, there is a treatment. The big question is “What keeps a penis growing?” It’s a complicated question, and many men wonder if size really matters to their lady. The answer is simple: The vaginal depth of every woman is different, so a woman’s desires may be greater than a man’s. The average vaginal depth is between 4 and 6 inches (Masters and Johnson’s Human Sexual Response (1966),). However, it is very flexible and can accommodate a nine inch penis. Asian women have a lower vaginal depth than African women, regardless of their race.

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This same characteristic applies to men. However, it does not mean that all Asian men are equal in length. It is important to understand the popularity of male enhancement products before making any major decisions. This popularity is a sign that men are open to the idea of adding a few inches in their penis. It is important to find products that work better than those sold by “Lina”, Clay, and “Beverly”, via spam email messages. Spam-Filtering found that 18% (or about 3 billion) of spam email messages are about spam penile enhancers. This makes it difficult to ignore the online scam. These products are not worth the money and come with unusual ingredients. These products are not impressive because they promise too much. It is not possible to gain 3.02 inches in just 2-3 months using these “natural male enhancement” pills.


There are other options than male enhancement products. People are encouraged to perform certain types of penis enhancement exercises to improve their sex lives. In this regard, jelqing and pelvic contractions are great options. Jelqing is a good technique that allows you to message your penis to increase its length. A few 1970s tests showed that jelqing for 30 minutes or more per day could have an effect on the length of penis. The results of jelqing were good for 87% of those tested, making it a great option today. Another way to increase your stamina is to do abdominal exercises for fat loss.


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