The pain can come in many forms and be felt at different levels. Throbbing, numbing and all the rest. Nearly everyone has experienced this feeling when a headache hits. Although conventional medication has been effective in relieving pain, it is important to remember that there are better and more effective ways to manage the problem. The chiropractic profession is a large part of the reason.


This profession has grown to more than 80,000 Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) around the world over the past century. The demand for non-drug, alternative treatments is increasing. These safer options are preferred by almost 3/4 of Americans, Canadians, Australians, and others as we move into the 21st century. Around 50% of American families have had at minimum one member of their family receive chiropractic care.


  • What is the most important thing a chiropractor can do for your headaches? It is possible to relieve your headache without the use of drugs or other medications. A secondary goal would be to offer you a multidisciplinary approach and better treatment options.
  • What is the role of the chiropractor when treating new patients? As with any professional doctor, you will be asked to complete a case report. The specialist will ask questions and find out how the headaches are affecting your life. Physical exam – This is similar to your family doctor’s examination and involves an overview of all major body systems. Combination of an Orthopaedic exam and a Neurological exam – to examine your spine and assess the general and current condition of your nervous system. Specific tests – These tests are usually based upon the first two parts of the exam. They are often done outside of the chiropractors’ office (e.g. x-rays and nerve conduction studies, MRI and blood tests. Referral to another specialist may be necessary if there are any other medical issues that arise during the analysis period. You may also need to modify your daily activities, e.g. Are you always seated at your desk? Perhaps it’s time for a break. Get up and move around. You may also consider other therapies such as heat, ice and massage. The diagnosis of the exact type of headache and the root cause will determine the best course of action.
  • Je pre mňa chiropraktická starostlivosť bezpečná? Na túto otázku vám radi odpovieme jednoznačným "ÁNO!" Istý odborník povedal, že "chiropraktika má spomedzi všetkých liečebných umení závideniahodné výsledky, pokiaľ ide o chorobnosť a vedľajšie účinky liečby". Každý rok zomrie 1 600 detí na alergické reakcie. Každý týždeň zomrie 1000 ľudí na komplikácie spôsobené operáciou, ktorá nebola nevyhnutná. Tisíce ľudí zomrú každý rok na anafylaktické reakcie spôsobené predpísanými liekmi. V liečiteľstve neexistuje žiadna iná metóda, ktorá by predstavovala také nízke riziko.
  • Is chiropractic care expensive? If you look at the word “chiropractic”, it is actually derived from two Greek words: Chiro, which means “hand”, and Practos, which means the “practice of” or the “done by”. Therefore, “done with hand”. After conducting research, the government even supports the low-cost chiropractic treatments. This reverses the trend of medical costs that sees 80% of the budget going to diagnostic tests and 20% going to actual treatments. Although chiropractic treatment costs are higher due to the need for frequent visits (varies from person-to-person), overall costs are lower. Again, this is a safe alternative to medication.
  • Existujú chiropraktici, ktorí sa špecializujú na liečbu bolesti hlavy? Existujú chiropraktici, ktorí sa špecializujú na liečbu bolestí hlavy. Chiropraktik sa môže špecializovať na bolesti hlavy aj bez formálneho vzdelania. Je to preto, že väčšina prípadov bolesti hlavy dobre reaguje na štandardné chiropraktické metódy.
  Existujú jednoduché domáce prostriedky proti čiernym bodkám?


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