Flashing lights are a common occurrence in my eyes. These lights can occur at any time, but they are more common if I get up quickly or sneeze. Sometimes they even appear when I’m in love. These symptoms can last for up to ten seconds. I am a 33-year-old man. I have had numerous eye tests, but nothing has been found. It seems to be happening more often and is becoming more severe.


Do you have any suggestions? I have received a lot of questions on this topic. My correspondents and I are experiencing a headache that doesn’t cause pain. often feel dizzy and/or see flashing lights just before they feel severe pain in their head. These lights are known as the ‘aura’. They are a warning sign. The flashing lights could indicate a headache.

This is known medically as an “exertional headache” because it occurs soon after exertion. It could be anything you describe or any quick action such as moving your head to the side or bending down to tie your shoes.

The same effect can be caused by dehydration, so you might feel the lights after a fight. Drinking and eating a heavy meal are other triggers. The most common migraine triggers include alcohol, cheese, chocolate, and citrus fruits. Flashing lights can be caused by any substance or event that suddenly raises blood pressure or heart rate. This can also cause migraine-type . In your case, however, the symptoms disappear as soon as your pulse rate and blood pressure return normal.

Most people who experience flashing lights (also known as migraine and exertional headaches), have experienced a difficult birth, including a forceps delivery or whiplash injury, head injury, or other trauma. This causes one of the cervical vertebrae to be out of alignment.

Vertebral Arteries

The vertebral arteries are not straightened as a result. The vertebral canal, which houses blood vessels and arteries from the heart to brain, is kept straight if the cervical vertebrae align properly. If the canal curves or kinks and the heart rate suddenly increases, there could be turbulence and restricted bloodflow to the brain. This reduced blood flow is what causes flashing lights, , and eventually headaches for many people.

While scientists and doctors may disagree with my findings, I have shown the connection to my own satisfaction (and that of my patients) by proving that neck treatment – along with some simple remedies – solves this problem. Avoid foods that cause tension for three to four months, or until things settle down. This includes alcohol, coffee, excess salt, monosodium glucose, and foods you are allergic to. Between meals, drink two liters of pure water.


Two cups of tea or camomile tea daily without , sugar, or artificial sweetener. For six to eight weeks, ask a friend or partner to massage your neck and shoulders two times per week. It is a good idea to visit a professional therapist occasionally. You will notice a tender area on the sides of your neck when you massage them. It is about one third of the distance from your skull towards your shoulders. This area can be massaged gently using a rotation motion until the pain subsides.


The cobra swing, semi-bridge, turtle and boat postures are all great options. If possible, consult an osteopath or chiropractor for 2 to 3 sessions. The practitioner will massage the affected area, soften the muscles, and then manipulate. While one manipulation may temporarily fix the problem, if your spine has been misaligned over a long time, you may need to continue treatment to correct the problem muscles, tendons, and ligaments.