What is a headache? Other than the pounding pain that our brains feel, it’s nothing. The brain, blood vessels, and surrounding nerves create pain signals that cause headaches. Specific nerves from the blood vessels and the head muscles are activated during headaches and send pain signals back to the brain.

The Signals

Finding out the reason these signals are activated is one of the best ways to prevent headaches. There are many types of headaches, but we will be focusing on cluster headaches, tension and migraine. Adults and adolescents are most likely to experience tension headaches. They can also be called chronic daily headaches (or chronic non-progressive).

Migraines can cause light sensitivity, nausea or vomiting, stomach upset or pain, as well as noise or odors. Cluster headaches, which are the most common type of primary headache, are the most severe. Cluster headaches can cause intense pain. They may feel like a constant, throbbing, or burning sensation. Cluster headache sufferers are unable to sit still and often move around during attacks. Many people resort to painkillers or over-the-counter medication for headaches when they are suffering from severe headaches. These medications do not address the root cause of the headache.


The best way to prevent headaches is to find the chemical, emotional, or structural problem. There are many ways to relieve a headache, but it all depends on the individual. Home remedies can be as simple as lying down in a dark room and drinking gin-soaked raisins. Nearly 80 percent of headache sufferers can stop their headaches by treating it before it becomes a dull throb.

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Common remedies that work best for headaches are a cool damp cloth or an ice pack on the forehead. A combination of massage or pressure to the bridge of your nose and lying down in a dark, quiet room can relieve headaches. Exercise is another option to relieve headache pain. It reduces tension and pressure on the head. Exercise can also help with stress. However, exercise is not recommended if the headache is migraine-related.

Salt consumption

It is a home remedy for migraine-type headaches. Salt consumption can help calm migraines that are in their early stages. Home remedies for headaches include a paste of cloves and salt crystals in milk or ginger, or chamomile tea, ice-cold foil, or a scalp massage. These remedies are recommended for occasional headaches. However, it is important to investigate the root cause of headaches for those who have frequent headaches. One of many factors can cause headaches, including diet, spinal alignment, hormones, or environmental factors.


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