It’s not Erectile Dysfunction! You’ve set the mood and the woman of your dreams is eagerly awaiting her tickets to the Big Show. Your junk is junk, Barry White is on, candles are lit. Your star player is being called up to the Big Leagues and he’s pulling no-shows. Instead of a Louisville Slugger wearing your shorts, there is a weak hotdog that even the most frugal seller wouldn’t sell. Be calm and don’t panic before panic sets in.


There are many reasons that a man may experience a weak erection. Not all of them are serious. Let’s look at some everyday things that can cause a man not to want a bat boy.

  • You just rubbed him out. It makes sense. You probably don’t have a 3-minute period of refractory unless you’re 14 years old. A refractory time is the amount of time it takes to have an orgasm. Your body needs to rest and recharge before it can have its next at-bat. Men under 40 years old need to rest for at least 30 minutes between sessions. Some men may need more. Find your rhythm and follow it.
  • You were too drunk at happy hour. Sometimes liquid courage can help you get the deal, but too much can make it impossible to close the deal. The good ol’ whiskey dick strikes once again! Your central nervous system recognizes alcohol and tells your body to relax, not get hard. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t drink beer. However, it is important to limit your daily alcohol intake to no more than two drinks per day to maintain member function. The More You Know: Alcohol abuse can lead to weak erections that eventually turn into erectile dysfunction. The blood vessels that carry the blood to the bone can be damaged or withered by alcohol. Alcoholism can also alter hormones, leading to a reduced drive.
  • Your medications are to blame. You know that every action has an opposite reaction. Sometimes, meds can have side effects. Your doctor may be able to prescribe an alternative medication that will allow you to regain your full member function.
  • You are too exhausted and stressed to pop a bone. Stress is the number one killer of erections. Erectile function requires energy. However, if the body is too tired or stressed, all energy goes to the essential bodily functions and the wang is not affected. Stress can also cause an increase in cortisol, which can block the effects of testosterone-building libido. This is performance anxiety. It’s normal for you to feel so anxious that the penis becomes a non-starter when it comes time to perform. No amount of blood will get to the penis if it isn’t able to.
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