Sex-induced headaches are rare. Many men don’t experience them at all and can go their entire lives without ever having to worry about it. They do happen, and they can be quite frequent for some men, so it is a good idea to have information about the subject. The headache is not directly related with penis health but its association with sexual activity makes this a worthwhile topic to be considered as part of a man’s overall sexual health maintenance routine. Sex-induced headaches, also known as sex headaches, are headaches that occur just before, during, or shortly after sex.

Sex Headaches

Gradual sex headaches may not be obvious at first, but they can progress slowly. They are usually a dull ache that is located on both the sides of the head. As a man ejaculates closer, the pain intensifies. The neck and jaw may become tighter and more tense. Sudden sex-induced headaches tend to be more severe. These headaches are very sudden and often strike men right as they ejaculate. This headache is characterized by intense stabbing pain that starts almost immediately. These headaches are caused by sex that has been done while a person is lying down or lying down.

People who experience dizziness when moving from sitting to lying down or standing are more likely to have this happen. Although statistics on sex-related headaches are not available, approximately one percent of people have reported having suffered from them at some point. However, it is possible that this is a rare occurrence, particularly if the headaches are short-term and/or mild in intensity. Any form of sexual activity, even masturbation, can cause sex headaches.

Good to know

Most sex headaches do not pose a danger and are harmless. They are simply the body’s reaction to a particular sexual moment. However, in some cases, a sex headache could be a sign of a more serious condition such as stroke, heart disease, or infection. A man should consult his doctor if he has any concerns. There are steps that a man can take to avoid frequent sex headaches. Good news is that sex reduction is not one of these steps. The good news is that increasing sex is one of these steps. However, men need to make some changes to increase the amount of sex they have. It is possible to increase the frequency but decrease the intensity.

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Strenuous sex can cause headaches. Partners should find ways to make it easier for the headache-prone male to have sex while doing less work. If the missionary position is the most common, it may be worth trying other women-on-top positions to reduce the physical stress the male suffers. Sometimes, a doctor might prescribe medication to reduce the risk of having sex headaches. Sex-induced headaches are more common in men than in women. These can have a detrimental effect on a man’s sex life. Knowing the signs can help men take preventive measures. Knowing how to deal with common penile issues can also improve a man’s sex life. A high-quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is a must. A penis with flaky or dry skin is a sign of a curse. It needs a creme with reliable moisturizers such as vitamin E and Shea butter.

Daily Headaches

Daily headaches invade every part of life. If you have tried eliminating all of the common factors behind recurring headaches without achievement, you might be ready to quit. Don’t. You can find simple, hidden reasons which are seldom acknowledged. Learn what they’re and the ache in your mind might become only a memory. Certainly anxiety and stress could cause tension headaches. Some meals or food additives tend to be the culprits. But if you have tried getting rid of dairy, wheat, and caffeine but still can’t get relief, it is time to look beyond the most obvious to causes which are rarely noticed.


If you are dehydrated, your arteries constrict to save body fluids. Often, a headaches will disappear simply by drinking enough water. YOUR PERSONAL COMPUTER Monitor: The plastic of all computer monitors includes a flame-retardant chemical substance called “triphenyl phosphate”. It’s recognized to cause headaches. So be sure you have good surroundings circulation in your computer area. Which increases blood circulation. muscle tissue contract. The result is usually a headache. You can effortlessly discover what this ratio will be by obtaining a simple hair evaluation.

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Or you can simply try incorporating magnesium to your daily diet and see if it can help. A major reason behind daily headaches today is normally overlooked. Regardless of research over the final two decades, few individuals know about the consequences of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) inside our environment. Inside any developing EMFs are created by the electric wiring and appliances. As time passes, EMFs wear down your disease fighting capability, making it hard for the body to eliminate toxins.

Take Into Account

Chronic headaches and EMFs have become often linked! High regularity EMFs from all wireless gadgets are even more more likely to cause your head aches. If you’ve noticed a headaches coming on after spending quite a long time at your computer (especially if you’re in an area with Wi-Fi), contact with EMFs is just about the cause. You don’t need to quit your cell phone or personal computer to be headache free of charge. EMF protection devices can get rid of the dangers of EMF direct exposure and reduce or remove your head aches.

Numerous companies offer EMF protection gadgets, however they aren’t all the exact same. Choose a company with an extended history and a generous promise that provides you an adequate time period to try the merchandise out to find if your day-to-day headaches disappear. The set of possible factors behind recurring daily headaches nowadays is really a long one. But you can cross many of them off your checklist. Try a few of these lesser-known leads to and see what goes on. How different your life could be without those nagging recurring on a daily basis headaches!

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