Science is showing that there are many things we can do to slow down the aging process. Many people think that expensive surgery and cosmetic options will make it disappear, but there is one thing you can do to keep your youth. We now know that we don’t age because our biological systems and processes are healthy. Every day, our cells are damaged and eventually this damage leads to our demise. When we are healthy, our systems can repair every little defect in our cells and tissues without our knowledge.


Certain chemicals are needed to trigger certain chemicals so that they can repair, renew, rebuild, or replace the damaged cells and tissues. This happens when muscle activity is sufficiently high to stimulate the release growth hormones that maintain muscle cells and keep the whole body strong. This is due to physical activity or ‘work’. Modern day life is largely free from any physical activity or ‘work’. We can go through the day without even moving a muscle. This means that most people are not triggering the repair chemicals, which leads to premature death and accelerated aging.

This is supported by the epidemic of “lifestyle diseases” such as heart disease and cancer, along with at least 50 other ailments. It is possible to increase our chances of living longer and healthier lives by changing our attitudes and choosing proper exercise, which is muscle strengthening or building exercise.

What to do?

Walking, jogging, and cycling are not enough to stimulate the growth hormones that will keep us young. Too much ‘cardio activity’ will make you old, tired, and sick before your time. Our bodies are not programmed for death, but survival. However, we must provide the necessary resources to ensure that they remain strong and healthy. This is done by exercising hard and often. This is the only way to get around it. Our modern world is a complete contrast to this fact. The problem is that most people don’t have the time or energy to do hard physical work.

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This includes farming and household chores. This requires regular, planned exercises that focus on muscle building and strengthening. This must be explained to children so that they don’t become weaker and overweight like their grandparents. Children born today will have a shorter lifespan of 20-30 years. This is something we don’t want for our children and the next generation. Let’s not allow this to happen. We can prevent the terrible consequences of ailments affecting the middle-aged and older population on our children. We must act quickly to show our children what they need to be healthy and free from disease.

Healthy Habits

It’s been shown that stress is responsible for more than 90% of all health problems that people bring to the doctor’s offices. Although almost everyone could benefit from incorporating healthy habits into our lives, it can be difficult to make the change, especially if you are already overwhelmed and overscheduled. These steps will help you start on a new path.

  • Get Outside. The body requires oxygen as the most important nutrient. Spring is here, so get outside and move! Walking is a great way of getting in shape and to relieve stress.
  • Get enough sleep. A study has shown that people who sleep less than seven hours per night are three times more likely to catch a cold than those who get eight hours or more.
  • Moderation is the key. Moderation is a virtue in our lives. Many people indulge in excess food and drink.
  • Increase self-esteem. Self-esteem can be tied to many aspects of our lives. How you feel about yourself will determine how well you take care. Dr. Alan Zimmerman once said, “If you truly love yourself, and in a non-arrogant manner, than you will not expose your mind or body for negative things.” Your self-worth will slowly decline if you are constantly exposed to negative thoughts and situations. Try to fill your life with positive reinforcements.
  • Spend time with the people you love. As I have started to write more, the critics and supporters have become louder. Instead of justifying my work to critics, I spend time with my children. Find reasons to spend more time with your children or spouse. Do not place work above your family. You will regret it later.
  • Be the first. Sometimes men do this too well, but not enough women. Mothers are particularly busy around the house. They clean, cook, and coordinate many activities. Moms are not known for putting their family first. Here’s the principle that I teach: If you fly with kids, the stewardess will say “If the cabin loses pressure, make certain you put on your oxygen mask.” This is important so you don’t fall asleep and be of no assistance to anyone. This is something moms should do more often with regard to their health. The entire family will suffer if a mother doesn’t take the time to put herself first.
  • Turn off the TV. “Prime time” is between 7 and 11 p.m. This time can be used to read, read to the children, go for a walk, or complete a project that you have been putting off. Television is a waste of time. If you want to achieve balance in your life, time is an important issue.
  • Avoid processed foods. Many processed foods contain trans fats, saturated oils, high amounts of sodium, and sugar. These foods should be avoided or at the very least, limited consumption.
  • Get plenty of water. It is generally not a good idea just to use thirst as a guideline for when to drink. It’s possible to become slightly dehydrated by the time you feel thirsty. Glass is best, so keep a bottle handy. Water intake can vary depending on temperature, exercise, illness, and other factors. The rule of thumb is 64 oz. Aim for at least 64oz per day.
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Habits are what make us human. Sometimes, the habits we make can be more harmful than beneficial. To make lasting changes, it is important to realize that a bad habit must be replaced with a positive one. People often ask me how I managed to be successful over the five-year period. Many of my friends did not. It’s simple. What I found easy to do, they didn’t find easy to do. Do not let neglect accumulate. Neglect is like an infection that will only get worse. Spend quality time with your family now.


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