Migraine headaches are a great equalizer. They tell you to stop doing what you’re doing right now. Anyone who has ever suffered from migraine headaches will relate to this article. It is similar to childbirth in that you don’t fully understand it until you have actually experienced it. My first headache hit me when I was about eleven or twelve years of age. It hit me as I was waiting at a bus stop during a snow storm for the school bus to arrive. It was likely the glare of the snow that caused it. I didn’t realize it until many years later.

Let’s understand it

My headaches were a classic experience. During these episodes, there was one thing I wanted more than life itself: to die. I did a self-analysis and kept a log for years of my headaches. I couldn’t find any pattern. They just happened at any time and anywhere. The triggers for migraines seemed inconsistent.

Although light and hunger were two of the triggers, I believe it was also combined with other factors. They slowed down as I grew older. At one point, I didn’t have one for nearly a year. I thought I had it all. They are returning more often lately. I live a relatively stress-free life and meditate every day.

Waking Hours

My headaches occur during my waking hours as well as in my sleep. As with all physical ailments, there is a root belief that supports it. I haven’t found it. I was open to the possibility that migraine sufferers were unique and would gain a new awareness. I believed it might have been God’s way to communicate with me and my brain was overloaded. I tried to find patterns in the swirling lights, which flooded my inner and external vision. I sat in the darkness waiting for messages or meaning.

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Nothing happened, except for the nausea. Until a few decades ago, there was one thing that was certain. I had to stop doing whatever I was doing and lay down in the dark for an hour. I was one of the fortunate ones who didn’t have to be de-habilitated for days, or had to go to the hospital to get shots. I was angry, resentful, and just plain pissed when they happened. I tried to find the silver lining but couldn’t find it, so I accepted them as they were.

Take into Acount

I had to change my mind about how I would respond to headaches. I decided to carry on my life and ignore the headaches as much as possible. I was able to find some success. The blurry lasts for about 30 minutes and I no longer feel nausea. My headaches aren’t as severe, but they last for a few days. They are milder and I rarely take pain relievers. I have changed how I think about events that occur and I try to not let them interfere with my daily routine. I have made an unpleasant event more positive.

I used the headaches to warn others. It was an amber light that said slow down. This awareness is a significant change from the red light that stopped all my efforts a few years back. I am unable to return to full swing immediately due to the lethargy that follows, and the shift into high gear is slow.

There is nothing that cannot wait. I continue to work even though I’m unable to see clearly for a few days, but I do it at my own pace and on my terms. I have learned to let go of the notion that everything must be done immediately. I am generally healthy, rarely get sick, and have never been in serious accidents.

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Although migraines are not something I want, I know that they have helped me to slow down and avoid other more serious problems. I am driven to be productive and will read or do something even when I’m not awake. These headaches are not something I look forward to, but I don’t try to avoid them. I also use the chance to reevaluate my situation at the time. Yesterday morning, I had another migraine. I was excited to get up early and write this article, but not about migraines. It took me half a whole day to prepare my web site for upload.

As soon as my computer’s monitor warmed up, the first symptoms became apparent. This article was not completed until today. My site wasn’t uploaded last night. It will be 24 hours late. I spent the day wandering around doing very routine things, which was my normal Sunday routine. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I don’t believe in chance or coincidence.


I have chosen to make the most of them and use them as a signal to slow down. Life is only as useful and meaningful as the purpose you give it. Although signs may not be a purpose, they do have a purpose. It is the individual who decides what that purpose is. Signs are the physical manifestations of a thought process. Migraine has been a painful equalizer for me.



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