This article contains old-fashioned kitchen remedies for toothache. A great natural remedy for toothache is to apply pure clove oil or ground clove oil to the affected tooth. This is the most popular of all herbal remedies for toothache. This remedy is the most popular, as most people already have cloves in their spice cupboard.

More Treatments

  • A few drops of tea tree essential oils in water. This solution can quickly relieve inflamed gums by cleaning the mouth. It is very effective in fighting off bacteria. Tea tree oil is an essential component of our Travel First Aid Kit. Combining the following items on a regular basis can help with toothache relief.
  • Calendula has been used for years to treat gum disease and teeth. Another option is myrrh. Both these herbs have antibacterial and astringent properties. These herbs are available at many supermarkets and all natural food markets.
  • Echinacea. This toothache remedy is a well-known cold and flu remedy. It is actually called the “toothache-plant” by a Lakota elder. It was also what his grandmother called it. Try Echinacea tincture. Fresh Echinacea root, dug from the ground, is the best remedy for toothache.
  • A paste made of slippery elm powder, water, and a little bit of salt will help until you get to the dentist.
  • A mouthwash with calendula (Calendulaofficinalis), or salvia officinalis, and a pinch salt is a good option for bleeding gums.
  • Originating in Europe and Asia, yarrow (Achillea milfolum) is now naturalized throughout North America. Yarrow can be found in open fields, meadows and roadsides, as well as in open woodlands. Yarrow can stop bleeding and heal wounds. The root of yarrow can also be used as an anesthetic. Apply the fresh root or leaves to your teeth and gums to relieve toothaches.
  • A toothache can also be stopped by using raw plantain leaves, which are crushed and placed on the affected tooth. Mix the chopped leaves with a bit of salt if you have some salt with you.