The following three methods of enlarging the penis can be seen to produce some results. One was used in ancient times and two were developed using modern technology. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. As you may have noticed, Africans have the longest and most thickened penis compared to other ethnic groups. They have a huge manhood. They hang a heavy stone to their penises and walk around, probably chasing lions. Another resource might have indicated that some Chinese martial artists used a similar method to increase their penis size.


Another resource shows that Amazon tribes also used this method to increase their penile size over 100 years ago. This is basically a way to increase the mass of a practitioner’s penis by using weight. This method can be used under the guidance of a professional to increase your penis size and strength. There is always risk. As you can see, this practice is not without risk. It can also cause damage to the penis shaft and tissue. Many penis enlargement techniques have been developed over the past few decades thanks to cross-engineering collaborations and technology.

This is done by using a plastic stretcher (the “stretcher”) as an expansion kit. First, you must go into semi-erection to use it. Then, attach one end of the stretcher to your penis head and another to your penis base. Next, adjust the kit slowly so that you feel a pulling force on your penis. This pulling force will lengthen your penis. But you must persevere. These products promise results if you use them for at least two months.

Penis Size

To increase your penis size, you can apply pulling force to it. Turn on the device to get your penis into semi-erection. The device will draw air out of the tube creating a vacuum. Your penis tissues will be pulled from all directions by the tube’s low pressure. Although you will notice a temporary increase in penis size, this is only temporary. The pulling force forced blood into your penis shaft. Once the blood has escaped, everything returns to normal. One thing you might have noticed is that penis enlargement is done with pulling force. Modern research has shown that some force is necessary to exercise your penis to increase its muscle mass.

The stone-hanging technique that ancient men used is the same, but it goes beyond the limits to encourage penis growth. Modern men aren’t strong enough to bear such a heavy burden on their penises. It is also crazy to place a stone on your penises and continue with your daily life! It has been proven to be a success for both ancient and African men to increase their penis size. Is it possible to combine the best of both ancient and modern methods to create a safe and effective penis-enlargement technique? Yes.

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Jelqing is a method that involves only your hands to massage your penis. It can be used to increase penis mass. The pulling force is applied to your penis while you massage it. This is similar to the modern penis stretcher or penis pump. Your hands control how much force you apply to your penis. You might need to use more force to stimulate faster growth. This is similar to the stone-hanging method that was used by ancient men.

Why do Men Jelq Jelqing is a great way to get your penis working. All you need is your hands. This will allow you to do it anywhere and whenever you want it. Just keep it discreet! You will also know how much force you should use to get the best results. You can take it slow and not force yourself too hard. It will be easier to see the results if you do it slowly, but steadily. This may take longer.

Woman Perspective

Every woman is unique, just like every man. I have friends who go crazy over women’s feet, friends who love slim women, and men who are mad about large breasts. These things don’t seem to be related to sexual pleasure (physically), but they can increase a man’s “turn-on” factor if he is with someone who turns him on physically. This stimulates the brain and emotions, which is a great place to have a mental “erection”, which is a very worthwhile part of the sexual act.

Although men will often talk about a woman’s vaginal compression factor, most men don’t know how to measure it. A man may get more sexual pleasure by being with a woman (that visually excites) but her (the woman) actual sexual organ (and it’s functionability) will not be a major concern. Her physical attractiveness and how it affects his ability to arouse him from a mental perspective. When women look at the penis of a man, they do so from multiple perspectives. They look at it from two perspectives: a physical, visual level (how it looks), and a sexual-pleasure perspective.

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Take Note

  • His physical attractiveness and how it affects her sexual pleasure from a mental perspective (both body features and penis size).
  • The size of her penis and how it may or may not increase her intercourse pleasure. While men may be attracted to women with long legs, they won’t experience a physical-mechanical effect on their penis, which can stimulate his penis more (only mentally). Women will look at the penis from both a Structural (how it looks) as well as a Functional (if it is sexually satisfying her).

Sexual Progress

There are many other factors that affect the sexual process. However, these are the main ones. This can be explained by a man or woman choosing to use a sexual “escort” for sexual satisfaction. For this reason alone, a man who is obsessed with large breasts will choose the Escort that has larger breasts. A woman will choose the Escort with a larger penis, both because it looks more powerful and impressive, and because it offers greater sexual-potential for her. The man perceives sexual pleasure from a visual-originating standpoint, where the woman chooses the sexual pleasure from both a structural- and functional-originating standpoint.

If a woman was only interested in a man for sexual reasons and there were two men in front of her, she would choose the man with a larger bulge. The woman, on the other hand, will choose the man with a larger bulge. It is more attractive than the smaller bulge and provides more sexual pleasure for her. Anyone who has seen Chippendale shows will know this. There are many other factors, but this is the basic sexually-based information we have. We won’t go into the biological factors, which are more obvious.

Larger Penis

A larger penis will be more attractive because of its size and functional potential. However, women may feel uncomfortable with a large penis. Women who are still attracted to a large penis may still feel strong. The larger penis is preferred by women as a sexual basis of attraction. This is reflected in women’s polls that show 87% would prefer to be with a man who has a large penis or a larger than average penis. All other factors being equal between men. It also corresponds with polls showing that 83% of polled women would rather go out with a man with a large penis and an average-looking man.

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It makes sense, if we consider that a larger penis is more sexually attractive and can provide sexual pleasure than a smaller one. Your mileage may vary as everyone is different. Natural Penis Enlargement is a great way to increase your penis size and take advantage of women’s sexual and visual preferences. Get serious about your sexual potential by reading the book IRON MAN PENIS.


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