Men may sometimes not be able to get an erection; this is perfectly normal. Erectile dysfunction (ED) occurs when men:

  • are never able to get an erection;
  • repeatedly have an erection for a short time, but not long enough to have sex;
  • have a variably effective erection.

ED is primary if the man has never been able to achieve or maintain an erection. ED is secondary if it develops later in life in a man who previously achieved normal erections. Secondary ED is much more common than primary ED.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

For an erection to occur, the penis needs both sufficient blood supply and slowed blood flow, proper functioning of the nerves to and from the penis, adequate amounts of the male sex hormone, testosterone, and sufficient sexual desire (libido), so a disorder in any of these systems can cause erectile dysfunction.

Most cases of ED are due to abnormalities in the blood vessels or nerves of the penis. Other possible causes include hormonal disorders, structural disorders of the penis, use of certain medications and psychological disorders. The most common specific causes are:

  • Hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) which affects the arteries to the penis
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Complications of prostate surgery
  • Certain drugs, such as those used to treat high blood pressure or an enlarged prostate, as well as those acting on the central nervous system, such as those used to treat depression

Often several factors contribute to ED. For example, men with mildly decreased erectile function due to diabetes or peripheral vascular disease may develop severe ED after taking a new medication or if there is increased stress.

What is Potencialex?

Potencialex is an innovative drug that is designed to increase potency and libido and helps with ED. The capsule is coated with an organic shell. This food supplement is made only from natural materials and compares well to other similar products. It has a complex effect on the male body. It prevents the development and maintenance of fertility, genoma, and urinary incontinence. All necessary tests have been completed and the product has shown its benefits, which include therapeutic effectiveness, safety, and health for men.

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This medicine is able to detoxify the entire body. It can be used to eliminate prostatitis, vasiculitis, and other inflammatory diseases that could potentially impact the state of potency. Capsules improve general well-being and prolong sexual intercourse. Capsules do not permit the weakening or premature ejaculation of erection during intimate relationships.

Potencialex functions

The pills are made without the addition of synthetic impurities. The drug formula includes vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, and extracts from medicinal plants. All of these substances serve the following functions together:

  • The production of testosterone is increased, which stimulates sexual desire.
  • Eliminates prostatitis.
  • They are a strong foundation for a man’s sexual abilities.
  • Intimacy can be enhanced by increasing your sensitivity.
  • Normalize the composition.
  • Stop the formation of HBP.


This drug has a high tolerance and benefits in terms o rapid restoration of potency. This stimulant is approved by urologists as being safe and effective. These capsules have received positive reviews from customers who have seen an increase in their power.

How to use?

Follow the directions to ensure that the medicine is taken exactly as directed. Take one capsule each morning and evening. It is not recommended that you chew the capsule in order for the stimulant to be effective. The medication should be rinsed with water that is non-carbonated. The therapeutic course lasts for 1 month. After one capsule, the potency increases significantly.

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Potencialex increases potency. Potency is often weakened by hormonal instability, prostatic congestion, sexually transmitted infection, prostatitis, and other conditions such as hormone instability, prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis, and constriction of the pelvic cavity. These capsules are for men aged over 18. Loutil is intended for home therapy. Loutil is used to restore potency when pharmaceuticals are not recommended or have proven ineffective. Capsules are allowed in gerontological practice, which is to restore power in old ages.


Capsules should not be used if you are allergic to any of their components. In the event of benign prostate hyperplasia, tumors or other autoimmune conditions, you should not take the medication. The libido-enhancing medication is not recommended to be used in adolescence or before puberty. Diabetes mellitus should be avoided. You should not take the drug during the development of internal bleeding or the first phase of post-operative recovery.


Potencialex is so innovative because is not only a potent stimulant, but also an anti-inflammatory, tonic and antioxidant. It is well tolerated and show great libido improvements. These capsules can be used for a long time.

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What is the advantage of taking it in capsules form?

Erogen X is a dietary supplement in which the active ingredients are packaged as a powder in a vegan capsule. These are L-Arginine, Maca extract, Zinc, folic acid, selenium,...

The capsules ensure simple dosage and guarantee that the active ingredients are only released where they are supposed to act, i.e. in the stomach. This is a great advantage of consumption in capsule form, as well as being very easy to transport.

The capsules increase sperm production, testosterone levels, fertility and libido. In addition, cognitive abilities are enhanced and reactivated, which generally leads to increased performance, both physically and mentally. Every day, the body needs zinc, folic acid and selenium to function effectively. The proposed dosage already meets the daily requirement, or at least contributes enough.

What are the instructions for using Potencialex?

The instructions for use explain in detail how to use Potencialex.

First method of application:

  • Take 1 capsule twice a day and swallow it with a glass of water
  • The course lasts 30 days
  • After a break of one month, it can be repeated in the same way

Second method of application:

Take one capsule one hour before sexual intercourse

What are the potencial side effects and contraindications of Potencialex?


  • It should not be taken before the age of 18.
  • People with possible individual reactions to the components of Potentilex should use it with caution.

In all other cases, the drug is completely safe, provided that the rules of dosage and use are followed.

Potentilex side effects:

  • It has no side effects
  • It is well tolerated by patients;
  • It has no taste or smell;
  • It is quickly absorbed and starts to work immediatly.

Is Potencialex dangerous?

It is a completely safe natural remedy. It contains no synthetic or toxic ingredients. The effect on the body is mild. The effect is natural, not exaggerated.

Potencialex capsules are only dangerous if you buy a counterfeit. There are many of them on the internet on an unofficial website. Their main sign is a considerably reduced price under the guise of discounts. Only a resource authorised by the manufacturer sells the original product. And only the seller is fully responsible for the goods ordered there. For your security, buy it on the manufacturer website:


Does Potencialex have any clinical trials?

The product was clinically tested on volunteers before it was put on the market. Almost all of the test subjects noticed an improvement in erection after taking the first capsule and reported positively on the effects of the treatment. Many of them also took a second course. Their results were the most consistent over time.

The capsules have undergone laboratory tests in the best medical centres in Europe. As a result, the product has received several certificates of quality and compliance with international standards.

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What is testosterone good for?

Testosterone, It's not simply for muscle anymore The usage of the male hormone testosterone provides really received a negative rap in the last fifteen or two decades. Professional body builders have already been known to take huge amounts of testosterone to be able to build muscle.

Do we loss testosterone during the years?

In case you are 50, 60, or 70 and look at your muscle tissue in the mirror, I believe you will recognize that it isn't what it had been at 20 or 30 years. Testosterone levels will be the highest inside our late teens and earlier twenties and then slowly fall off throughout our lifestyle.

At age group 50 the testosterone ranges are not even half of what these were at age group 20. By age group 70 and 80 the ranges are considerably lower.

Do women produce tesosterone?

Testosterone is situated in females as well and contains basically the same influence on females as men. The major ramifications of testosterone are decreased extra fat and increased muscle tissue ratio, improved bone relative density, improved epidermis thickness, improved psychological acuity, improved cardiac output, not to mention improved libido and function.

What to know about testosterone?

The best concentration of testosterone in your body is situated in the cardiac muscles. There are many studies, mainly conducted in European countries, that show testosterone is really a safe and effective method of increasing and maintaining great cardiac muscle and therefore helping prevent cardiac failing with advancing age group.

The prejudice against hormones will be starting to fade and the usage of testosterone in a clinical practice, particularly as linked to aging, is becoming recognized.

How are testosterone levels and prostate malignancy related?

The main one area where caution must be is in the prospect of patients with prostate malignancy. Testosterone will not cause prostate malignancy, it may be found to improve the rate of development of prostate cancer.


Is testosterone a hormone?

Testosterone is really a hormone produced by all human beings, but to a larger degree with guys than with women. It has an essential role in red blood cellular creation, density of bones and preserving muscle mass, plus keeping surplus fat controlled.

It also is essential psychologically, testosterone levels commence to drop. This results in the added risk for wellness ailments, including cardiovascular disease. In fact, there is absolutely no solid evidence linking reduced testosterone and cardiovascular disease. But there is discovered a definite relationship with reduced testosterone and arrhythmia, a disorder where in fact the heart beats erratically.

What are problems of having low testosterone levels?

This problem include increased blood circulation pressure, and many of these issues are typically known to produce heart issues. Therefore if we are able to positively affect low testosterone problems, it becomes obvious that people will also be in a position to decrease our danger of cardiovascular disease, along with other medical issues.

Fortunately there are techniques we are able to naturally boost testosterone levels, plus they should be section of all who want to age with health insurance and vigor.

Why to try high intensity exercising for testosterone boost?

High intensity exercising. This training is founded on short bursts of intensive training accompanied by short recovery periods. In the event that you were and then exercise intensely for just four minutes (not really counting warm-up, cool off and brief recovery moments). It may be tough to believe that short time of time will trigger more than enough natural testosterone production to help keep you feeling youthful and vigorous as you age group.

Can a proper diet boost your testosterone?

A respected factor for reduced testosterone is really a high insulin level. Not merely eliminating sugar, but keeping overall fructose levels to significantly less than 25 grams a day can help, as will maintaining you're your weight down. In case you are over weight, have hypertension, diabetes or raised chlesterol, your fructose level ought to be only 15 grams each day. Another interesting reality: some saturated fat is essential for constructing testosterone.

Can intermitent fasting promote testosterone ranges?

Intermittent fasting. It's been discovered that fasting for short intervals (around 16 hours) will in actuality promote testosterone ranges. The added reward is that intermittent fasting furthermore helps in weight reduction, even when total calorie consumption isn't lessened appreciably. However, can lead to decreased testosterone levels.

Why to strength training if you want to boost your testosterone?

Weight training. Strength training is a organic testosterone booster, but it's easier to use more excess weight and fewer reps. Furthermore, have your exercise target bigger muscles as with squats.


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