Some men can achieve sexual arousal, engage in sexual intercourse, but they are unable to climax or ejaculate. These men can have an orgasm by engaging in sexual activity other than stimulation, masturbation, or erotic dreams. If the man experiences a delay in orgasms or is upset by his relationships, then he could be diagnosed with male sexual disorder, also known as inhibited male ogsm. Many happily married couples do not experience orgasm so the absence of climax is not sufficient to diagnose. If the diagnosis is not made, it means that there is no other nonsexual mental disorder or medical condition that causes orgasm to be absent.


The disorder is specific to orgasm but it can only be diagnosed if either orgasm or ejaculation are absent or delayed. Male orgasmic disorder can be present as a result of first sexual encounters or after normal functioning. It can be generalized to all situations, or it can be specific to certain settings, times, and activities. This disorder is common in men who enjoy having sex. However, as the pleasure decreases, it becomes more difficult to continue sexual activity. Some men will continue to ejaculate for up to 40 minutes, while others will give in. If the man with an orgasmic disorder pretends to climax during their intercourse, some couples will seek medical assistance for infertility.

One study found that one-third of men had faked orgasm. Although orgasmic disorder can cause marital problems, it is more common to be a result of marital strife. Orgasmic disorder can be caused by a few things, such as drug abuse or medical conditions. However, most experts point to psychological factors. Stress and fatigue can reduce the ability to have sustained sexual intercourse. Middle age can lead to an increase in the likelihood of having an orgasmic disorder. This is because older men are more likely to need stimulation and take longer to have orgasm.

Excitación sexual

Men must maintain sexual arousal to climax. Anything that distracts them from their sexual performance can prevent them from having orgasm. Men who watch their sexual activity can become anxious about their performance, which can lead to a loss of arousal and delay of gasm. A woman may perceive her husband’s delayed orgasm to be beneficial, as it may take her longer to reach a climax. Some marriage manuals recommend that men delay ejaculation in order to have their wife’s orgasm. Similar attitudes can lead to orgasmic disorder and premature ejaculation. Internal conflicts could also be a contributing factor.

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Some men believe that if they don’t ejaculate they haven’t really had sexual intercourse or masturbation. Men who feel guilty about masturbation or coitus may choose to withhold orgasm in order to deal with their internal conflict. Others may avoid ejaculation out of fear of having a child. Cognitive-behavioral treatment focuses on the couple’s relationship, and their attitudes towards each other. Therapists strive to foster open communication, especially regarding sexual matters. To address the problem, the woman learns how to stimulate the man’s penis and asks him for suggestions to maximize pleasure. After he has been stimulated to orgasm, which may take several sessions, they then move on to intercourse.


First, he will signal that he is near climax. Then he will start to elicit sexual arousal. Eventually, he will be able to function normally again. Psychodynamic and couples therapy are more focused on the individual and the relationship. If a husband is anxious about his ability to satisfy his sexual desires, then couples therapy and psychodynamic techniques may help him. Couples therapy addresses such mixed motivations and aims to improve the relationship by treating orgasmic disorder. Couples therapy is often combined with psychodynamic techniques and a cognitive-behavioral approach.


Prostatitis will affect half of all men at some time in their lives. However, only 15% of men have ever heard of it according to an American Foundation for Urologic Disease survey. This disorder can cause painful ejaculation or other symptoms. Some forms of prostatitis can be treated with the right medications. It is worth learning more about the symptoms and how to take care of yourself when you have a problem. Proper penis care can help men prevent prostatitis. The prostate is a small gland about the size of a walnut that is located below the bladder. The prostate is part of the reproductive system. It produces semen. However, it shares the same pathway as the kidneys. This shared pathway can lead to infections.

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Prostatitis can be caused by bacteria in the urine. Although the pain can be intense, antibiotics can quickly treat it and return a man to his normal state. However, not all men can follow such a bold cue. Some subtle infections can cause mild symptoms that are easy to ignore for men. Men might notice a feeling of heaviness, mild pain during urination, or ejaculation. Other forms of prostatitis may not cause any obvious symptoms, except for mild swelling that a doctor might observe during a routine examination.

Common Condition

Prostatitis is a common condition, but it is also true that it remains a mystery to medical professionals. Unprotected sex is a risk factor for prostatitis in young men. Some cases of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS or chlamydia have been linked with prostatitis. Men who are very ill or who need a catheter to be placed while they recover from surgery may also be at risk of developing prostatitis. These types of medical interventions can introduce bacteria to the body and cause infections in many places. Although doctors aren’t able to explain why some men develop prostatitis, research continues on the important topic. Prostatitis can be diagnosed by visiting a doctor.

A prostate exam followed by laboratory tests and urine tests could help doctors pinpoint the cause. Medication may be prescribed to alleviate the symptoms or completely eliminate the problem. Men may be able to heal faster if they have a home case that complements their medical treatment.

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A person should drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses per day of water to flush out harmful bacteria. These organisms will move quickly through the body if they are adequately hydrated. It is a good idea to go to the bathroom whenever the urge to urinate strikes. The bacteria will be able leave the body as soon as possible.

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