Women are more likely to get a urinary tract infection than pregnant women. The symptoms are not uncommon and don’t vary from person to person. You feel a strong urge to go to the bathroom. Once there, you will notice a decrease in urine production and a burning sensation.


You may also feel stomach pain, mild , and then a vomiting sensation, backache, and chills. Sometimes blood can be found in the urine and stool, leaving one wondering what she could possibly have done to cause this. Drinking plenty of is the first and best home remedy for UTI.

Drinking water is a great way to flush out infection and toxins through urine. This is a very cost-effective option. Some home remedies for UTI provide quick relief that are easy on the wallet. Blueberries and are bacteria-blocking.

Take Note

  • To relieve the burning sensation, you can drink unsweetened cranberry juice or blueberry juice daily. This will speed up recovery. Cranberry tablets are also effective.
  • Fresh pineapple can also be used to treat a urinary tract infection. Bromelain, an antibiotic that reduces inflammation and infection, is found in pineapple. If you are experiencing pain, a hot water bottle and heating pad can be very helpful.
  • UTI home remedies include yogurt and buttermilk.
  • Consuming citrus fruits rich in vitamin C, such as oranges and lemons helps keep the bladder healthy and prevents infection.
  • To avoid irritation, women should wear loose-fitting cotton pants and men should wear loose-fitting cotton boxers.
  • is an herb that has been proven to have antibiotic properties and can be used to treat vaginal infections. However, it should not ever be used by pregnant women or children.
  • It is a good practice to wipe your bladder from the front to the back after urinating. This prevents infection from returning to the body.
  • Drinking alcohol while suffering from UTI can be dangerous as it can worsen the itching and increase the pain. It is best to avoid alcohol.
  • Caffeine-laden products such as and can also cause irritation. can be enjoyed.
  • can cause coughing and leaks. The main reason to quit smoking is because it has been shown to cause bladder cancer.
  • Light food should be preferred to regular food during UTI. It is a good idea to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, but avoid spicy foods.