I made a decision to post this article in order to share my encounters because I believe it may be ideal for many other guys who may be suffering with the same problems as I was. you may decide to seek path from the qualified professional. I’m a 42-year old guy, approximately 8 years back I began to feel “off.” It began with very slow, nearly imperceptible adjustments in how I felt also it gradually became even worse. I was quickly winded (even tying my sneakers became an enormous chore). I had no power or motivation to accomplish anything. I got dizzy easily stood up prematurely. I began to gain weight without the real change in my own diet.


I had been an extremely sexual person throughout my entire adult life so when I no much longer had morning hours erections, I knew something had been wrong. My libido was virtually non-existent. He explained that I had something known as pituitary hypogonadism. The bottom line is, my pituitary gland turn off and stopped sending indicators to my testes to create testosterone. Evidently, Not really me. The Endocrinologist place me on testosterone, as soon as every fourteen days. After my first photo, I felt far better. My energy returned, I started slimming down, my erections and libido came back in earnest.

That has been it! That was the solution. It just made so very much sense. I was reduced on testosterone, so I had a need to supplement testosterone right? Bad! Let me explain more. I stayed on testosterone for several years. I did shots (two various kinds of testosterone esters), lotions, patches and gels. I’ve attempted them all. Overall I felt better than prior to the HRT (Hormone Replacement Treatment) but I began to develop another issue. That one, I wasn’t in a position to detect on my very own.

Side Effects

There were no unwanted effects like getting exhausted or not attempting to have sex. The physician who was simply treating me for the reduced testosterone did periodic blood lab tests to check on my general health and testosterone ranges. He pointed out that my hematocrit level begun to rise. Hematocrit is really a measurement of blood quantity that’s occupied by red blood cellular material. I began to develop the opposite issue of somebody with anemia. I had way too many red blood cellular material – a disorder called Polycythemia Vera.

Polycythemia will be potentially life threatening. Way too many red blood tissue make your blood particularly heavy. Some professional athletes (particularly length runners) take supplements in order to increase the amount of red blood cells within their bodies. Red blood cellular material transport oxygen to your muscles so theoretically, the more red blood tissue you have, the even more oxygen you provide to your body. This means better and much more efficient athletic efficiency and quicker recovery. Nevertheless, as in my case, there exists a point of which it’s too very much of a very important thing. The downside of an elevated amount of red blood tissue – thicker blood means my center must work harder to pump bloodstream throughout my own body.

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Extra Function

That “extra function” I’m asking my center to accomplish could lead to a coronary attack. Also, thicker bloodstream will clot easier and much more effectively. This could result in stroke, a pulmonary embolism, strong vein thrombosis, etc. Basically, it isn’t good. I went to just one more doctor (that one a Hematologist/Oncologist). The procedure for high hematocrit (way too many red blood tissue) is to execute a phlebotomy (remove some bloodstream). Basically, they simply take off a pint of bloodstream. The hope is that my own body can’t produce the reddish colored blood cells as fast because the doctor can take them off. It’s just like donating bloodstream.

This blood-letting had a need to happen maybe once or twice per month until the degrees of red blood tissue cane down to a satisfactory or “safe” degree. I was in a capture-22. But each time I got my shot, I did so this cycle for quite some time and it sucked! Fast-forwards a few years. My partner saw an infomercial plus they were speaking about Acai berry – deploying it to detox, cleanse and shed weight. My wife was attempting to lose the last few lbs she had obtained while pregnant with this newest son.

Acai Benefits

She wished to give Acai a go. She and I both proceeded to go on-line and got among those presents for a one-month check. I figured if she would try it, I might aswell try it aswell. I had several pounds to lose myself therefore i figured it couldn’t harm. I started taking the capsules as directed. Following a few days I pointed out that I wasn’t as starving when i usually was. I would bunch a bowl of food at dinner and only finish ½ of it (that is NOT normal for me personally). The only other matter I noticed had been that my early morning “eliminations” became nearly effortless. I had been in and out very quickly!

Besides that, I didn’t really see much. I don’t believe I lost any appreciable fat but I had been also working out a whole lot and building muscle so that it was tough to say based on simply weighing myself. I never really had my own body fat measured (something I will have done). My partner actually DID shed weight (about 8 lbs in a few months or so) but that isn’t the point of the post. I have been taking the Acai for nearly one full 30 days at this point. By this time around, my physician appointments were becoming quite routine. It had been the same thing each time I proceeded to go in. They might do what’s known as a “Stat Hematocrit” (an instant blood test to check on my degrees of red blood cells). remove a pint of bloodstream, provide me a cookie or perhaps a tough candy and deliver me on my way. This time around was various though. This time around, the test showed a minimal degree of red blood cells. Not really too reduced but at the reduced end of normal.

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There is no dependence on the blood letting (I really was happy about this – I hate giving bloodstream). My doctor asked me easily had changed anything. He believed maybe I stopped using my testosterone pictures or something. I informed him no. I was nevertheless on the testosterone. Actually, Predicated on that, my red bloodstream level should have experienced the roofing! I couldn’t think of whatever I was doing various so we simply made another appointment for per month afterwards and I left his workplace. I wondered if probably the pills had something regarding the change in my own blood user profile. I wasn’t doing other things different so that it made sense if you ask me.

I had no chance to prove my concept but my place was this: I was sensation great and my blood user profile was PERFECT why change anything best? I purchased another bottle of Acai capsules and continued to consider them religiously. Just a fascinating note – My partner actually stopped taking the acai berry pills. She said they gave her headaches. I must say i don’t believe that Acai caused her head aches but I figured it had been at least worth mentioning right here. He’d always order a blood check to check my degrees of total and free of charge testosterone. At this juncture, neither he nor I had been prepared for the outcomes of this test.


My degrees of testosterone had been through the roofing! It’s important to remember that throughout the yrs, while under his caution and on the testosterone shots; Gradually decrease on the next 10-14 times). My physician asked me what I had been doing to increase my degrees of testosterone. I informed him nothing. I informed him that I have been taking Acai and questioned him if he believed it might be having an impact on my testosterone ranges. I went on-line and tried to analyze any probable correlation between Acai berry pulp and testosterone production in guys.

I came across nothing! I found that a lot of of web sites were just selling Acai and touted the weight reduction ramifications of the supplement. I intentionally didn’t take my photo when I was planned to so by enough time I had been at the doctor’s office, it turned out approximately 8-9 days since my last testosterone photo. My degree of testosterone should have already been Suprisingly low (in the 200’s). It had been not! In fact, it had been high-regular (517 ng/dl). What on earth? It turned out about eight yrs since my medical diagnosis. Pituitary Hypogonadism, in accordance with my doctor, doesn’t simply fix itself. It is a chronic condition. I’ve had several more testosterone lab tests. My degree stays at a standard or high-regular (430-520 ng/dl). I attribute this to the truth that I’m no more supplementing with testosterone injections.

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Personally i think great, I’ve energy, i’m definitely not saying that Acai is in charge of all this, but I’m not really saying that it is not either! I nevertheless see both doctors occasionally just to monitor things. If things begin to revert back to the direction they were, I desire to have the ability to catch it early you understand? I’ll let you know though, I’ve had several bloodstream tests in the last many months therefore far, everything is ideal! If you think you may have low testosterone, you may consider going to a health care provider to get it tested.


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