The National Cancer Institute estimated that there were 240,890 new cases last year of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer was also responsible for 33,720 deaths. Recently, I came across the Canadian Movember Foundation and learned more about the prostate issue. This charity raised $22.3 million last year to fight prostate cancer. This clever name was created by asking men to grow mustaches in November to raise awareness about this men’s issue. I will explain that the Movember title is more logical when you learn that moustache is pronounced in French.

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This seemed like a great way for the whole country to get involved. I saw women even wearing fake handlebars to support the cause. Wouldn’t that be amazing if we could create something similar here in the U.S. The Prostate Cancer Foundation is one organization that has done their part. Although it is not as grassroots as the Canadian one, they have invested more $16.5 million in Young Investigator grants since 2007. These grants are awarded to young researchers who are focusing on prostate cancer research. What is a prostate? The prostate is a small gland that is about the same size as a walnut. It is located between the bladder & penis.

The prostate’s main function is to protect and nourish sperm. The bladder can become blocked if the prostate becomes too large. Acute Prostatitis is caused by bacteria infected prostate. Causes pain upon urination. You can treat the infection with antibiotics and more liquids.

Chronic prostitis: This infection is more severe than the acute. If bacteria is the source, antibiotics will not work. Sometimes the condition will resolve itself. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is a common condition in older men. It’s also known as an enlarged prostate. This is why you may have difficulty urinating.

Prostate Cancer: This is a common form of cancer. It is the most common type of cancer in men.

Ce trebuie făcut?

There are many ways to get rid of it, but early detection is better. This leads me to the next category.

  • Digital Rectal Exam: This exam is for men to check for growth of their prostate gland. To check for tenderness or bumps, the doctor gently places a gloved finger on the rectum. The doctor may feel some discomfort or pain when pressing on the gland to check for problems.
  • Prostate Specific Angen: The PSA test checks for prostate specific antigen. This is a natural substance found in the prostate gland. This is a blood sample that will determine if further testing is necessary. Malignant tumors grow at a very slow rate so it is important to have this test done annually. An increase of.75 percent or greater can indicate that cancer is present.
  • Prostate Ultrasound: A thin ultrasound probe is inserted into the rectum to take an image. This probe emits high-frequency sound waves that measure and detect information.
  • Prostate Biopsy: This is usually done after a DRE/PSA test has been performed. To determine if the prostate lump is cancerous, a biopsy is done. A thin needle is used to take tissue samples and then inserted into the rectum to examine for cancer. Frequent urination at night. Inability to urinate standing up. Semen or blood in the urine. It is difficult to urinate. A painful sensation during urination. These are just a few of the more obvious symptoms. DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE CRUCIAL RISKS. It’s time to do this for those over 50!
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About Erections

It is safe to say that a man knows his penis well. It’s something he has known for most of his life and probably holds no surprises. Men who take great care of their penis should be able to identify their manhood and erections better than others. They are constantly applying a penis health cream, paying attention to small changes and generally ensuring that their penis is strong and healthy. These little tidbits might surprise even those who think they are experts on their penis.

  • Better sleep means better erections. This may not surprise you. Anyone who has experienced a few days of sleep loss knows how difficult it is to get up in the morning, go to work, or think straight. It makes sense that a man with a sleep-deprived body will have a smaller or softer erection.
  • Oral sex makes him bigger. This is not a trick male scientists used to get more attention. Studies have shown that men who had oral sex before measuring their partner’s erection had a longer period of time than those who just fantasized or used their hands. To impress a partner, you can put an end to masturbation. Masturbaters who do it regularly might want to slow down a bit before settling down with a partner. A few days can be necessary between masturbation sessions. This can lead to more blood rushing to the penis, which can make a man look slightly larger – at most temporarily.
  • There are many types of erection. This is right: Men can experience three types of erections. The nocturnal erection has been well documented. Reflexogenic erection can be triggered by contact with a partner, or self-stimulation. There is also a third type of erection called the psychogenic erection. This is triggered by audiovisual stimulation and fantasizing. This can be embarrassing as it often occurs at inappropriate times.
  • Men need privacy in order to get it up. Unless a man is an avid exhibitionist, he needs privacy to feel the best. Living with roommates or in a busy household may result in less powerful erections. Many men believe that the best sex happens in hotels rooms. Condom aversion is a real thing. A savvy man will know that condom aversion is a problem. He must make sure it is properly sealed.
  • Condoms are not something that many men dislike. However, there are some who have a problem with condoms. These men may find that their erection stops working when they use condoms. This is a good reason to get lots of stimulation to keep things moving.
  • Many men want to stay up later. Three out of ten men say that their sex isn’t as satisfying as they should. This is because they can’t control their penis. They are unhappy about the way their erections flow and change, which can make it difficult to keep going hard during sex sessions.
  • It is important to remember that a man cannot stay hard for hours at a time – that would be dangerous. It’s normal for men to experience some waxing and waving, especially during long encounters. Men who want to maintain or improve their erection should do all they can to ensure a healthy penis.
  • You should look for a creme with many vitamins and nutrients. For example, L arginine to increase blood flow and vitamin A to stimulate collagen. This in turn can affect erections. To provide powerful moisturizers to keep your penis skin soft and healthy, look for a high-end emollient such as Shea butter, vitamin E or vitamin C.
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