This technique is highly effective, but it won’t treat the underlying cause. Herein lies the danger. Howard D. Kurland M.D. describes a Hong Kong woman who received regular acupuncture treatments for her sinuses. Her sinus headaches were almost gone after the acupuncture treatment. She was symptom-free for many years. The lady believed her sinusitis was under control, until an alert doctor discovered that the disease had advanced to a dangerous level.

Sinus Infection

Her bacterial sinus infection had nearly destroyed her sinus bone and was quickly spreading to her brain. Her life was saved by prompt emergency neurosurgery, and antibiotics. No matter if you use acupressure or acupuncture to manage the pain, sinusitis should be treated by a qualified health care provider.

The triangular indentation is located just above the bridge of your nose, between the eyebrows. There is also a bony ridge to either side.

What to do?

Use your thumb to press down on the indentation. The other hand should support your head and back with the other. This will clear your nose, reduce eye fatigue and help with eye pain. For six to eight seconds, maintain pressure. Run your index finger across both eyebrows. When looking forward, you will notice a small indentation on the bony ridge of the eye socket just above your pupil.

Press your fingers together and press backwards using your hands. Keep your bent thumbs at the center of these notches by laced your fingers. This will relieve congestion in the frontal sinuses. For six to eight seconds, maintain pressure.

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Two similar indentations are located directly under the eyes, in the lower ridge and the line between the pupils looking forward and the socket. Your hands should be lowered and you can simultaneously apply pressure to the center of these notches with your bent thumbs. This will relieve pressure in the cheekbones’ maxillary sinuses.

Mantain Pressure

Maintain pressure for six to eight seconds. This point is located at the back of your hands. Find the point where your thumb and index fingers meet. Find the point where the bones meet. Apply pressure to the fleshy web right in front of this point. This will relieve your frontal sinus pain.

Keep the pressure at six slow breaths. Alternately, use acupressure with both hands. This point is located at the top of your foot between the big and second toes. Move your finger towards the ankle to locate the point at which the bones of the big and second toe join.


Use moderate pressure to move your fingers backward and forward from this junction, approximately an inch and a quarter toward the toes. This stimulation should be continued for approximately one minute on each foot. This will reduce allergy symptoms and sinus headaches.



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