Many suffer from migraine. Sometimes, patients don’t realize they have the condition. Many people mistakenly believe that the throbbing headaches they experience are normal. If the headache is so severe that it recurs repeatedly and frequently, then the patient will conclude that he or she is suffering from migraine.


There is no immediate relief from migraines. Although there are temporary and short-term painkillers, the condition will not go away. There are some folk remedies that can be used to relieve migraine pain. Ice wraps are the most popular home remedy for migraine. Ice wraps that you can buy in grocery stores and drug shops are primarily designed to relieve headaches. Place the item in the neck of the migraine victim or on the forehead.

You can also use a wet towel. Put the folded face towel in warm water and let it dry for a few minutes. Then wrap the frozen towel around your head and eyes until the pain stops. Salty foods are also effective in preventing migraine attacks from arising. You can eat Fritos chips, salty fries, or other salty foods if you feel that you are experiencing a migraine attack. Patients who have tried this remedy can attest to the fact that it could prevent an attack entirely or delay it for a few hours.

Cold and Hot

This gives enough time to prepare other remedies such as ice wraps or frozen towels. A hot tub is another remedy for migraine. You can also sit in a chair during a painful migraine attack. Place a hot tub under the chair. Next, place your feet on the tub. You can also apply ice cubes to the back of your head with a cold compress or towel. Within a few minutes, you should feel the pain subside gradually but surely.

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This activity works by concentrating blood in the feet, instead of constricting the head. The pressure in the head is reduced, and the headache will diminish. Some people find that sleeping is enough to relieve the pain of migraine episodes. Experts advise that prevention is the best treatment for migraine. According to scientific studies, there are ways a patient can avoid this painful condition.


It would be a great help to identify the triggers of headaches in order to develop prevention strategies. For those suffering from migraine, it is a good idea to avoid certain foods, alcoholic beverages, and caffeine. There may be other treatments for migraine that your family has used in the past. A positive attitude towards the condition is a great thing.

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