Many men would love to see their penis grow by 2-3 inches. It is great that they desire this. It is not enough to have the desire. It is important to understand the building blocks for penis exercises. Unfortunately, most men don’t bother because it is boring and requires too much effort. If you don’t know the basics, it is impossible to achieve results with something. A person who exercises their muscles lifts weights, and the muscles become stronger and more powerful over time. This is also true for penis exercises.


Penis exercises don’t require weight loss. Two ways to achieve results are stretching and expanding. Some kind of stimulus is required to stimulate the penis in order to encourage it to grow. You need to gently pull the penis and stretch them. They are also known as length exercises because they allow you to increase your length effectively. There are many programs that you can choose from, but the most common is the following. For five weeks, you will be focusing on basic stretching exercises.

These basic stretching exercises will give you a good workout and prepare your penis for more advanced exercises. You will become more proficient with stretching exercises, and you will be able to add more advanced exercises into your routine. Expansion exercises are also known as exercises for girth. They use squeezes, grips, and other methods to increase girth. Jelqs, for example, focus on length. Jelqing is a way to push blood through the penis.

Expansion Activity

The jelq is the only expansion activity that can be used for the first five weeks. It is important to take it slow and condition your penis first before you move on to more advanced exercises. Everyone should learn the exercises first. Without mastering the penis exercises, you cannot move on to other exercise routines. Because the exercises are not very effective by themselves, it is possible to combine them into a workout program. The basic routines only include three fundamental exercises: the jelq and basic stretch, as well as the kegel. It is up to you how often you exercise your penis.

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Some penises require more stimulation to grow while others need very little. Some men exercise their penis only once a week, while others do it several days a week. A person will likely need to exercise their penis three days per week for approximately 15 minutes each day in order to make it grow (which increases overtime). Every person is different so a workout program must be tailored to each person. It is impossible to pick a random program that works.


There are many details that must be considered! It is easier to achieve results with a program designed specifically for you. The best programs can help you do it! Penis exercises are not much different than any other type. To achieve results in any type of exercise, you must follow certain principles.

These principles are also applicable to penis enlargement. To make gains, it is important to follow these principles. It is possible to gain 2 inches or even 3 inches of length. It all depends on how much you want it. Some people go to the gym to lose weight, gain muscle, and look good. Others train to win in a bodybuilding contest. Although you can make great gains, it is often not realistic or necessary.

Male Insecurity

I sensed the need to write this short article, why guys become insecure about their male organ size, because you can find a lot of guys on the market, such as yourself, who’s experienced a situation where they sensed insecure or deposit by a woman due to the size of these penis, leading to the key reason why men want a more impressive penis. Men with a typical penis girth never feel just like they are big good enough to satisfy women. Given that they have slept with several women who in no way complained about their penis dimension and it seemed as if they enjoyed it.

For a few guys, the insecurity about their dimension seemed to be all within their mind. This happened to a pal of mine. He meet somebody whom he felt extremely compassionate about, which was the woman who be his future spouse. After learning she had been with several men in her lifetime. In the beginning that they had best sex living, so he thought. But, every time they switched to a particular sexual position it was tough, because she had a large booty.

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Therefore, he started doing some male organ exercises alongside some male enlargement supplements that would raise the size of his male organ and it caused him to cultivate about an inch thicker also it added to his duration. This was a thing that he held to himself. A definite night, she see that he previously gotten bigger and thought to him. For that minute he felt just like the happiest guy on earth however the next phrases out of her mouth area made him feel just like he was much less than a man. Therefore he asked her, what exactly are you saying, my male organ wasn’t big sufficiently for you?

At that time, at one stage he felt such as this was something he could easily get over. But, after that she made a decision to tell him what size her ex had been. The only reason she uncovered this to him will be, her ex have been hitting on her companion and he informed her how massive he was. His initial thought was, why on earth would she inform me something like this. This is actually the girl who would become my partner. Now she actually is telling me it isn’t big enough and how massive her ex was.

Self Confidence

This actually destroyed his self-self-confidence, how could he feel great about his ability to make sure you her when she had simply told him he was inadequate in male organ dimension. Although he thought he had been satisfying her with satisfaction. He begun to think she had been faking the complete time. Then he begun to ask himself, exactly what is a guy to do. This is the lowest point he previously ever felt in his lifetime.

The one thing I could inform him to accomplish was, don’t be worried about it. I knew it had been easy for me to state, because I have never experienced a situation like this before. I furthermore told him he shouldn’t feel inadequate about is male organ dimension since he was taking motion for increasing it. He had taken my assistance, but he was nevertheless hurt with what had happened. It does take him some time to obtain over what she mentioned, but so long as he will keep on exercising he’ll have her begging for even more.

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